Women in our Society

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People in our society created this perfect image of women, and the expect us to come up to “their” expectations. If you wear less makeup you are ugly, if you wear too much makeup you are fake, if you wear baggy clothes you are conservative if you wear tight clothes you are a spoiled brat, if you behave in certain way you are less a women, if you show too much emotions you are too feminine, if you show less emotion you are lacking feminism. They judge you from the way you eat, the way you drink, the way you walk, the way you talk, basically   your whole existence is being judged. Women in our society is always treated inferior to men in all ways possible, talk about political wise economical wise domestic wise you name it. Discrimination against women still prevails in many parts of the world. Women are expected to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their family? That is the most unintelligible sentence I have ever heard in my life.