Internet of Things– 003

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IoT software addresses its key areas of networking and action through platforms, embedded systems, partner systems, and middleware. These individual and master applications are responsible for data collection, device integration, real-time analytics, and application and process extension within the IoT network. They exploit integration with critical business systems (e.g., ordering systems, robotics, scheduling, and more) in the execution of related tasks.

Cyberchondria: Challenges of Problematic Online Searches for Health-Related Information


The digital revolution has changed many aspects of life, for example, the way in which health-related information is obtained. Such information is now very easy to access via the Internet, at little or no cost. For most people, the Internet has become the first stop when they need to find out more about symptoms, health and disease. The consequences of this change are being increasingly appreciated, but they are still poorly understood. While some people feel empowered by an easy access to health information and less anxious after seeking health information on the Internet, others are more anxious or puzzled . This is likely to affect health care-seeking behaviour and relationship with physicians.

A 3-Step, Lifecycle Approach to Cybersecurity Management for Data Center Power and Cooling


Network-connected, data center physical infrastructure equipment – i.e., the power, cooling, and environmental/security-monitoring devices found in the IT space – are necessary for ensuring availability and making operation of the data center efficient. However, these network connections, particularly if poorly designed and implemented for a cybersecurity perspective, could be used by cyber criminals as an attack surface. A typical installation is composed of widely distributed, network-connected hardware devices communicating to network gateways, firewalls, and on premise or remote infrastructure management (DCIM) servers. These connections may extend to mobile devices, corporate IT and facility management systems, and 3rd party cloud services.