Internet Of Things – Manufacturing Applications — 006


Manufacturing technology currently in use exploits standard technology along with modern distribution and analytics. IoT introduces deeper integration and more powerful analytics. This opens the world of manufacturing in a way never seen before, as organizations become fully- developed for product delivery rather than a global network of suppliers, makers, and distributors loosely tied together.
The optimization qualities of IoT in manufacturing also apply to energy consumption. IoT allows a wide variety of energy control and monitoring functions, with applications in devices, commercial and residential energy use, and the energy source. Optimization results from the detailed analysis previously unavailable to most organizations and individuals.

Internet of Things – Media, Marketing, & Advertising — 005


The applications of IoT in media and advertising involve a customized experience in which the system analyzes and responds to the needs and interests of each customer. This includes their general behavior patterns, buying habits, preferences, culture, and other characteristics.
The applications of IoT in environmental monitoring are broad: environmental protection, extreme weather monitoring, water safety, endangered species protection, commercial farming, and more. In these applications, sensors detect and measure every type of environmental change.

A Comparison Between Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science


Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities. This bleeding-edge technology facilitates machines to act with a degree of autonomy, resulting in effective execution of iterative tasks.

AI facilitates the creation of a next-generation workplace that thrives on seamless collaboration between enterprise system and individuals. Therefore, human resources are not made obsolete, but rather, their efforts are bolstered by emerging tech. In fact, AI provides organisations with the luxury of freeing up resources for higher-level tasks.

Internet of Things – Common Uses– 004

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IoT has applications across all industries and markets. It spans user groups from those who want to reduce energy use in their home to large organizations who want to streamline their operations. It proves not just useful, but nearly critical in many industries as technology advances and we move towards the advanced automation imagined in the distant future.